What is Karunya Lottery ?

The Karunya lottery is a fantastic method for players to support government projects as well as their chance to win big, as proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets go towards state development and welfare programmes.

This jackpot victory will undoubtedly change the lucky winner’s life, and it serves as a reminder of the anticipation and exhilaration that playing the lottery can bring. Anyone who wants to try their luck and possibly change their lives forever should definitely do so.

So don’t pass up the Karunya lottery’s opportunity to win big. For the most recent results and information on all Karunya lottery drawings, keep checking our website. The winner deserves congratulations, and those who lost should have greater luck in the future.

The Kerala government in India operates lotteries under the name Karunya Lotteries. The Directorate of State Lotteries, a division of the Keralan government’s Finance Department, is in charge of organising them.

The first Karunya lottery winner receives 80 lakhs; the second receives 5 lakhs; the third, 1 lakh; and the fourth, 5000, 1000, 500, and 100 rupees, respectively.

How can I purchase a Karunya lottery ticket?

In the state of Kerala, authorised lottery merchants sell Karunya lottery tickets. Additionally, you can buy tickets online via the lottery’s official website or reputable internet retailers.

What is the cost of a Karunya lottery ticket?

Depending on the draw and the series, different Karunya lottery tickets have different prices. The price is often between INR 30 and 40.

What are the winning prize categories in the Kerala lottery?

The grand prize, second prize, and numerous smaller cash awards are just a few of the prize categories available in the Kerala lottery. Depending on the draw and the series, different prizes are awarded for different categories.

How can I check the Karunya lottery results?

On the official lottery website or from reputable online retailers, you can check the Karunya lottery results online. Additionally, regional newspapers and television networks broadcast the results.

How do I claim my prize if I win the Karunya lottery?

In order to claim your prize if you are the lucky winner of the Karunya lottery, you must get in touch with the Kerala State Lotteries Department. Either a single sum payment or a series of yearly installments will be made as the reward.

Is there an age limit to purchasing a Karunya lottery ticket?

Yes, you have to be at least 18 years old to buy a Karunya lottery ticket.

Are there any taxes on Karunya lottery winnings?

According to Indian tax legislation, lottery winnings are liable to taxation. Depending on the value of the prize and the winner’s tax bracket, the applicable tax is 30% of the prize amount.